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History of BFsavate in Bulgaria.

This  French fighting sport started in Bulgaria in 1997 in the town of Pleven. The national federation was created in 2001 and since then Bulgarians participate at many  international competitions.

Exchanges with other countries are established, seminars and competitions are  organised.

In 2004 and in 2012, Plovdiv hosted the world championship assaut.

Today there are many clubs all over the country. This summer, August 2013, international seminars will be given throughout Bulgaria before the kickoff of the World Open.

History of the World Open

The first one  took place in Montreuil in September 2010, the second in Paris in January 2012.

The principle is simple, everyone can come. There are age and weight categories.

The result was beyond our expectations : we had very few injuries, no complaints, a great atmosphere and a lot of people.  Without any advertisement we gathered 130 participants in 2010  in Montreuil, and 217  in 2012, in Paris, which is a world record for a competition in BFsavate.

We will try to exceed those figures for this third edition and get as many countries to participate.

The main differences : the competition will take place in a new country, Bulgaria. It will be held during 3 days, with a maximum of assauts ( light contact bouts).



1) This assaut ( light contact) competition will be held over three days :  August 22,23 and 24, 2013.

2) 3 rounds of 1’30” with 1 minute recovery between rounds.

3) Each country and each club can have as many competitors they wish.

The conditions : they must have a license up to date and be at least 10 years old. The minimum grade is blue glove.

4) The playoffs are held by poules of  3 or 4 fights. The winner goes to the quarterfinals or semifinals, depending on enrollment by category.

5) Separation into three main age categories for men and women :

Youth Open

Inside this Open, 3 subcategories : 10-12 years, 13 – 15 and 16 – 18 years old.

Espoir Open : 19 to 35 years old.

No subcategory.

Veteran Open : over 35 years.

Inside this Open, two subcategories, 35-50 and over 50 years.

Of course, inside these age categories, we separate weight classes, taking those in force at FISav.

6) The rules of the competition will be those of  Fisav, for athletes and officials.

7) Surfaces will be 6 mats or 6 rings.

8) Rewards: Title winner of the World Open Cups, The best stylist’s Cup  in each age category, and the fair play’s Cup.

9) Subscriptions  by email to the organizers who also manage the accommodation and logistics. Mail for this purpose:

10) Date of foreclosure : August 15, 2013.  Beware the number of places is limited to 350 fighters. We advise you to subscribe long  before.

11) Advertising :  primarily by mail. Display and campaigns on Bulgarian TV . We also ask the FISav to put this competition on its website. Before, international competitions will be organized throughout the year in different countries.

12) The reception, accommodation and organization of the competition will be provided by the Bulgarian Savate Federation to simplify and get great deals.

Accommodation and meals will be provided in two major hotel in the city located about ten minutes walk from the gym, Sank Petersburg hotel and Novotel. Five stars, swimming pools and a nightclub in all of them. It will cost 48 euros maximum per person per night including breakfast and dinner.

13) Registration for the competition is 10 euros payable locally until the last weighing time.

There will be two weight in, one on August 21 in the evening.

14) As from August 9, there  will be sporting and cultural preparation, technical trainings and fitness proposed  to foreign delegations.

The selected cities are Sofia, Doupnitza, Separeva, Bana, Varna, Plovdiv. Officials will have the opportunity to train for these courses.

15) In order to combine sport with culture, we take the opportunity to discover Bulgaria and organize competitions among several other sports like :  beach volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, chess … A beautiful hike will be organized through the mountains, 7 lakes. And the two most beautiful monasteries in the country can be visited.

16 ) Demonstrations will be held. People will be able to participate to  radio and television programs. We want this sport to exceed. A film might  be realized.

17) At the end of the championships, the results will be showed on the interested media and on the FISav website.

Our goals are multiple:

To attract maximum of people at all levels :  athletes, audience,  media. Admission is thus free for spectators.

Support a worldwide growth of our sport. It is already undeniable but still insufficient compared to many other combat sports. If we want to win our place in the Olympic Games, we must focus on internationalization.

Have lots of fun: coming to fight without seeing anything of a country is a bit sad, so we will ensure that everyone leaves with the head and the body full of memories.

The running of the competition and the training day by day will be presented later. We answer any questions as soon as possible.



The championships’ and training’s organizing committee is composed by many  people :

Georgi Tantchev, President of the Bulgarian Federation of Savate.

Responsible for on-site logistics.

Alain TARDITS, Secretary General of the Bulgarian federation.

Project manager.

Anna Tantcheva,

Head of Sponsorship.

Plamen Petrov


Séverine Paillard

Responsible for the communication

There will be more and more people in the coming months, their names will be added gradually.

The association which you can contact in France:

ART IN HEAVEN SLAVE, 7 rue François Mouthon, 75015 Paris.

Tel: 00-33-6 09 98 24 19


Savate tournament – 2013


Richard Sylla , Spain Training Course


Jose Gil President of AES has organized an  international Savate course in the beautiful city of Spain.
Savate legend Richard Sylla will be teaching the course to those lucky enough to attend the event.


Budapest Open Savate Competition

One of Savate’s hardest working promoters Alain Tardits has organized an open Savate competition in Budapest,  January 2013.









Nicolas Saignac- STX Savate class 2011

Erik Paulson is doing a great job promoting Savate cross training for MMA. With  Anderson Silva and several other MMA champions using the  chasse bas ( Savate low side kick) perhaps we will see others trying their hand ( or feet) at Savate.

In this Youtube clip former French champion Nicolas Saignac is teaching a  Savate-French boxing seminar at Erik Paulson’s annual STX event. Watch as Nicolas ( almost 50 years in age) uses superior footwork and Savate striking skills to both control distance and out maneuver his opponent.

1st Savate Competition in Japan

W CUP 2011  Japanese Savate Competition

Date – 31/July/ 2011

Location- Mondial Ginza hall. 2-25-1 Ougi Adach-Ku, Tokyo. Japan

Style of competition- Assuat ( semi contact), 3rounds, 1.30 minute per round, 45 second rest intervals.

 Level-  Minimum grade of  “Red glove”. Or recognition of your skills by the Japan Savate club through training.


La canne footage, Charlemont method 1900

Rare film footage of Master Charlemont demonstrating  la canne


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